Fundraising-Haka Sports Tours


1. Brainstorm 

Although it’s tempting to skip, this initial step is crucial. Gather your fellow travelers and bring out a calendar to see what’s going on locally. Identify an opportunities to join in with events e.g. local markets, parades, shows etc.

By having all your ideas written down no matter how ludicrous they seem, you’ll soon find yourself imagining fantastic fundraising solutions – that are plausible too.


2. Squad Goals

Develop a fundraising committee with roles delegated throughout the group. Each person should take ownership over a particular idea with a clear structure and end financial target in sight.


3. Identify Opportunities 

Find an unused or underused sales opportunity. For instance, buy snacks in bulk and sell them at the side of your school rugby game.

This is where the brainstorming can play a huge part. The more creative the better!


4. Crowdfunding

Making the most of the idea that if everyone gave a little, you’d have a lot. Use an online platform to try and have the public make a small contribution toward your goal. Some crowdfunding platforms used in NZ include PledgeMe, GoFundMe and Kickstarter.


5. Think Locally

Instead of looking for products from far and wide, try supporting businesses closer to home. Not only can this be an effective sales decision (many people choose to buy locally sourced products in particular), but it’s a great social cause to support those in your own backyard.

For instance, Warrington School from Dunedin hosted a locust-eating evening at a local restaurant. This out-of-the-box idea was great for the school, and amazing promotion for the restaurant! *


6. Sponsorship

Peterhouse Sponsorship You’ll be surprised how much businesses are willing to give in exchange for something as simple as printing a logo on your school jersey.
Approach companies and offer them brand exposure in as many outlets as possible. Print the logo on your travel hoodies, credit them in any other media or publications you can. Hint: use ANY contacts to potential companies you may have through the school or uni. Just asking is the first step!

Peterhouse Boys school who embarked on a 2016 NZ Rugby Tour created a small magazine dedicated specifically to the trip. They raised funds from businesses who made use of the advertising space, and it was a great success!

They had this to say about it:

“Tour magazine – brilliant money spinner. The itinerary is put in, plus all the potential players that may or may not be going on tour depending on their enthusiasm and dedication during the term.  Then a write up of the country that they  are going to.  School rugby statistics, etc.  The advertisers pay, and then you can charge a dollar or two a magazine as well.”


7. Pay it Forward

This is a unique approach to fundraising, and it may be a bit more tricky to organise, but it can be an amazing effective technique!

Organise a system whereby members of the community can sponsor you for your efforts in helping out local charities and organisations. For instance, an hour’s work could equate to $5 contribution by a sponsor. Ensure your central focus is clear to those willing to donate: support a local cause, while also raising funds for your trip.


8. Get Creative

It’s the thought that counts! For those with artistic flair, created themed cards, a calendar, or other crafts that are super easy to make and and easily sold to family and friends!


9. Events

Events will take a bit more time and effort to organise, but the return on your investment is almost guaranteed. With a great enough idea, you’ll generate heaps of interest, and the work will do itself! For instance, three China-bound hopefuls from a Central Otago school hosted a concert in order to raise funds.*

Some other great ideas: a silent auction, Your School’s Got Talent, and a themed school disco.

Peterhouse Boys School hosted a themed quiz night, where teams would come dressed up as the country they were respectively headed to. It was a heap of fun, and raised a whole lot!


10. Tried & True

Don’t dismiss the traditional methods of fundraising. Sometimes, there’s gold in the old. Think cake sales, garage sales, community service, car wash, BBQ sausage sizzle, sponsored silence – just to name a few!

Students from Marlborough Girls College recently sold 5,500 cheese rolls to save for a trip and through the power of social media, orders came from far and wide. Profits were huge! *





Central Otago school concert:

Marlborough Girls’ cheese rolls fundraiser:

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