We are excited to announce that Haka Educational Tours has teamed up with Global Games, the organisation behind the hugely successful junior sporting tournaments in New Zealand.

Global Games was started by Tyrone Campbell, and thanks to their success, kids across the country are making the journey to beautiful locations like Queenstown and Taupō – all to have an amazing experience competing in fun and unifying sports competitions.

We hope that this exclusive partnership will bring students from far and wide to take part in some amazing sporting opportunities here in New Zealand.

Students in a huddle


Despite the company being comparatively young, Global Games runs 4 popular events each year:

  1. NZ Junior Rugby Festival (in Queenstown and Taupō)
  2. Kiwi Junior Rugby League Festival
  3. NZ Junior Netball Festival
  4. NZ Junior Football Club

Students in a huddle


Part of the reason for Global Games’ success are the values that influence every decision in the organisation:

  • Friendship and sportsmanship values are crucial.
  • Enjoyment comes first.
  • Everyone is treated equally.

Not only do teams get the chance to make friends, and meet students from a variety of cultures (within and from outside) NZ, but the opportunity to experience some incredible kiwi cities. There is a HEAP of stuff to do outside of the sports festivals in places like these, so it’s definitely worth the journey.

This is where Haka Educational Tours comes in.

We are the official and exclusive travel providers for the NZ Junior Rugby Festivals in Queenstown (29th September – 1st October 2017) and Taupō (21st – 24th September 2017).

We will take you to and from the festival games, as well as to a variety of additional activities throughout your stay, including the Queenstown Luge, Bubble Soccer, Jet Boating and more. Everything from the transport, to the accommodation, to the activities – is sorted by us!

A few of our tour packages here:

  1. Queenstown Rugby Festival 4-Days
  2. Queenstown Rugby Festival 6-Days
  3. Taupō Rugby Festival 4-Days
  4. Taupō Rugby Festival 7-Days

For the chance to have your students be part of an exciting new NZ Rugby Festival – and also take in all the incredible opportunities on offer in Taupō and Queenstown – choose Haka Educational Tours!

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