The idea of a school ski/snowboard trip brings up a mix of emotions when the possibility is mentioned around this time each year, for both educators, and students alike.
Teachers might reminisce over warm memories of their first time on the slopes – learning and laughing with their lifelong friends, who were made whilst waiting in the beginner chairlift line.
Whilst students dream of their first time seeing snow, trying a new sport and experiencing the excitement that comes along with travelling to camp with their classmates.

Although stories of long ski lift queues, challenges in organising rental gear and managing ski lessons for the students could understandably lead to hesitation, there are a growing number of reasons why a school ski trip is considered one of the most valuable student (and teacher!) experiences, with endless educational, personal and physical development opportunities.

The crew at Haka Sports Tours understand what is involved in running a stress-free and enjoyable ski trip that can facilitate these learning and development requirements for not only students, but for the well-deserving teachers, too!

Haka Sports Tours make getting up and around the mountain a breeze!

Haka Sports Tours make getting up and around the mountain a breeze!

The educational benefits of a school snow trip are endless, with potential to significantly develop understanding across a range of subjects. Through first hand experiences in alpine environments, students are exposed to new and exciting stimuli, from scientific ‘principle theory’ – seen in the falling and melting of snow, to the geography of mountains and map reading, and a first-hand try at experiencing the PE ‘stages of skill acquisition’ theory.

We, at Haka Educational Tours, understand that facilitating access to these educational experiences is your priority and is thus one of our main considerations when assisting in the planning of your unique ski and snowboard tours. From our guides, to the mountain, and everything in between – we tailor your ski or snowboard trip, to your educational requirements across any subject area!

However, not only are school ski/snowboard trips valuable for learning opportunities, but they are also proving to be a key experience for the personal development of students and teachers, with ample opportunities for growth in a range of important skills. Embarking on a school ski trip encourages students to exercise their organisational and time management skills in preparation for the trip, and upon tour they will experience the chance to be flexible and open to new environments and learn to cooperate with their teachers, and guides.

School ski trips are a great way to engage students academically and socially!

School ski trips are a great way to engage students academically and socially!

Teachers will obtain valuable planning and management skills, without stress, as the Haka Educational Team does all the hard work in ensuring the trip runs smoothly.

Haka Educational Tours are devoted to facilitating the social development of students and their teachers, and take pride in doing this through the creation of exciting ski/snowboard tour itineraries that allow students to connect through stimulating activities and alpine experiences.

Encouraging students to be physically active with an understanding of the value of a healthy lifestyle is crucial to ensuring they grow up as engaged, lifelong learners. Students who participate in active hobbies have been shown to have “increased attention and academic capacity” according to research published in the International Journal of the History of Sport.
This is good news, as snow sports like skiing are easy to master for students, and by developing new active skills, they can enjoy the outdoors in a new and engaging way that positively impacts their health and grades.

Full lesson and training options allow students to quickly and easily get active and enjoy the outdoors.

Full lesson and training options allow students to quickly and easily get active and enjoy the outdoors.

With numerous school and university focused snow-sports competitions, exposure to snow sports may even help uncover the next budding ski or snowboarding athlete! Haka Educational Tours understand students have a range of different competencies and are happy to offer tours that cater from first-time-seeing-snow skiers, to the competent-carvers out there, to ensure each student has an equal chance to develop their fitness and snow sport skills.

Your Haka Educational Tours team are snow enthusiasts themselves, and from vast experiences across resorts in NZ, Australia, Japan and beyond – they have the inside expert knowledge on a broad range of destinations. No matter the location, the team will ensure your snow tour not only meets your educational needs, but grants you access to world class terrain, the best conditions, and the guides to navigate you through it.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the video here of what some of our teachers and students have said while on their school ski tour!

Contact us today to discuss a personalised itinerary and get your worry-free snow tour set in motion!


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