Our Whānau (family)

Our specialist team of dedicated professionals all share a common set of passions - for people, sport, travel and the outdoors. We love what we do and we're committed to creating incredible, life-changing experiences for players and teams.

We believe our clients are as individual as fingerprints and we strive to create inclusive personalised tours that exceed the desired sporting objectives for every group.

Head of Sports Richard Gorrett

Richard Gorrett

Head of Sports Tours

A Welshman with a love for sport and travel, Rich now resides in NZ. As a football coach and player with extensive experience within education and sport travel, he's leading the development of Haka Sports Tours. 

Fiona Marketing Manager

Fiona Love

Marketing Manager

Passionate about marketing, sport and travel. Fiona is the Group Marketing Manager for Haka Tourism Group and has extensive experience working for and bringing to life travel brands through the various marketing channels. .

Eleri Williams profile shot

Eleri Williams

Co-Founder & Director

Eleri has built an impressive career through her passion for education, sport & tourism. She founded the company with a vision of using business and tourism as a vehicle for growth, development and positive impact. 

Company founder, Ryan Sanders, profile photo

Ryan Sanders

Co-Founder & Director

In 2007, when Ryan’s love of travelling and snowboarding inspired him to leave the corporate world, Haka Tourism Group was born. The company has grown to become an inspirational tourism success story with six separate businesses and multiple awards.